10 Things to Ask Julie Burros

 Each of the Community Conversations had a slightly different agenda and topics that were covered. At the August 1st Dorchester community conversation the facilitator asked the group, “If you could say one thing to Julie Burros what would it be?” The following are the first ten suggestions for her. Share your own idea here.

1. Tell us what already exists across the city when it comes to arts and culture – we want to know what we have!

2. Tell us….why don’t we have a radio station focused on the African American community?

3. We need more diversity of communications from the City! No one goes to the city website anymore.

4. We need to use the arts to help the emotional state of kids, adults, and all communities – this will translate to stable, safe communities

5. Expand the definition of diversity – it means more than race – it means access, resources, creativities, communities, art forms, etc.

6. Use art for healing!

7. Please find a way to make each neighborhood equivalent – in terms of artistic opportunity and resources– facilities, classes, workshops, making all accessible in each neighborhoods.

8. This project should focus on relationship building and crossing boundaries in the city – geographic, demographic, and artistic.

9. Pay attention to Dorchester!  Our history is so relevant to the story of Boston

10. Each of our communities should be represented and informed after the planning ends – form taskforces in each community!

And finally they all expressed the widely held opinion that Boston is rich in arts and culture offerings and that we need to do more to elevate what exists.





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