Turn First Friday Into a More Active Nightlife Event. It's Not Rocket Science.

First Friday Closes at 9 PM. That's a joke and a disgrace, and clearly panders to geriatric shoppers who just want their walls filled for second homes. To build a more active and innovative art scene, there needs to be a better space for community to form, and community forms around nightlife. 9 PM?! I'm screaming just thinking about it right now. It's like they don't even want people there during the already sparse once-a-month 'event'. It's like 'why wouldn't I pack my bags and go live in New York? Y'all lucky I'm still here now and I can't hold on much longer and Lord knows I'm not the first one to scream at y'all about this.' While the absence of nightlife is a ubiquitous Boston problem, 9 PM on a Friday is counter-intuitive to common sense and every event-planning instinct for creating a fun inclusive environment. It's sad being in SoWa at 9:15 on a FRIDAY NIGHT and feeling like 'riffraff' cuz gallery people gotta go home and feed their expensive purebred dogs with genetic inbred hip problems caused from the same kind of insulated outlook on sharing art with the world. Did that make sense? Y'all should adopt ur pets, I'm doublin up on my PSAs right now. XO

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