Boston Creates, me gusta!!

 “To be successful, Boston Creates needs to hear diverse voices”. This is why I said YES!! when I was appointed by Mayor Walsh to be a member of the Leadership Council and serve as advisors, helping to guide the plan into implementation with other enthusiastic people from a diverse cultural background.

I am delighted with the opportunity to also be co-chair on the East Boston community engagement team with Madeleine Steczynski and join efforts with other amazing people the Boston Creates staff assigned to work with us.

“Asking, listening and sharing”, this is what we’ve been doing since July. We had two successful bilingual community conversations, one at Veronica Robles Cultural Center and one at Zumix. Over 150 people from a diverse background came together to share and create.

We had conversations in groups of 8 to 10 people and we asked the groups to report back and figure out a creative way to share one main theme or idea. We encouraged them to unleash their talents and be as artistic as they could in their presentation. “The results were amazing.” Participants joined their voices in collective, poems, skits and rhythms, but best of all, we had an amazing time together!!

What I heard?

Less bureaucracy (flexibility in planning and permits); Art on Oil Tanks; No tunnel fare (we don't want friends pay to leave Eastie); Connect the island (we have amazing food, artist and music); Housing and health insurance for artists; support current art organizations (help to get funds needed to continue amazing services already available); Use arts to influence and enforce policy; Include traditional arts and Latino cultural dance in schools; Support local talent; Create jobs for local performers, dancers.

What have I learned in the process?

As Co-Chair, I’ve learned that Eastie residents are responsive and willing to take the extra mile to help shape the cultural future of Boston and that we need more opportunities like this. I am thankful for the opportunity to help lead our community and encourage conversations to gather information to be included in the cultural plan of our diverse and lovely Boston.  

What’s next? As member of the leadership council, I will make sure that all the ideas that were shared are consider to be included in the plan.  All this process is helping me to better understand the community I serve.

Gracias mi querido Alcalde!!

Check out this video from El Mundo. 


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