Cleary Square Park Idea

Fuoco Park  is nestled among 3 spectacular shining  gems of Hyde Park : the Municipal Building, the HP YMCA and the HP Library! The park is pretty pathetic; it has 4 entrance gates of which 3 are chained and padlocked shut and have been for years! The solitary gate that does open has to be lifted up and pushed open, resulting in a face to face close encounter with a trash barrel and the small jungle gym...

The water fountain appears to be to intended focal point of the park, based upon the fact that there are 12 benches surrounding it; unfortunately, the water fountain as a focal point is extremely underwhelming given the fact that it is only turned on for approximately 60 days per year, max!  I have spoken to young mothers who said they do not use that fountain in the summer because their young children want to get down and immerse themselves in the water that pools at the base and they feel as though it may not be hygienically safe.

The landscaping is not properly maintained; There is a tree with the tree trunk covered in weeds and that was the case with all the trees in the park, as well as the weeds that are along the fence and sidewalk. I live across the street and try to get over to trim it all every year!

It is just discouraging that Hyde Park does not have a common active gathering place.  We never see the young 20-40 year olds out and about with or without their kids! This park could be transformed into the 'Hyde Park Commons,' with picnic benches; folks working in the Cleary Square area could eat their lunch there.  The community could bring in food push carts, we could have the farmers market there or flea markets....the possibilities are endless and exciting.

By way of example, consider the George Wright Golf Course. It is so uplifting walking by this park; the children are having fun and the adults seem to be enjoying themselves as well, this park is well used by all ages.  It's a great asset for the community; a gathering place to play, read, relax, and meet your neighbors!  Another example of a fully functioning park is the one on Ringgold St in the South End.


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