Insights from A Community Team Leader

As the Chair of the South End’s Boston Creates Team, I have had the opportunity to make new connections and deepen relationships with community members.  This city-wide process has allowed members of the neighborhood and city to unite and express their vision for the future of arts and culture in Boston. 

Historic preservation of neighborhood stories and spaces in the midst of gentrification, affordability, equity for artists, access to the arts and underutilized spaces have been major themes during our conversations. The most encouraging part of the process has been witnessing individuals and organizations coming together to think about ways that, as a community and neighborhood, we can continue discussing these salient points, and most importantly create self-organized actions.

While people are excited about how the City’s Arts and Culture plan will shape Boston, they are also asking themselves how we can work together to move important city and neighborhood issues forward.  There is a desire amongst individual and organizations to continue this dialogue beyond this initial Boston Creates engagement period, create and execute actions together and support and enhance the City of Boston’s first Arts and Culture Plan. 


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