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Curators for art exhibits at the few available exhibition "places" available to everyday Boston artists have a very specific plan in mind. They curate out anything that doesn't meet that plan. They might often might not be artists themselves, but have expertise in other areas of art (history, criticism. etc.). They may be influenced by popular ideas of what would make a good show. So they keep the unpopular ideas out. Art is not about becoming a great "copyist" in an elegant manner - there's too many of those, nor is it about creating something that an inner circle of art school friends use to stimulate each other, or find interesting. Creativity is most important or what it is is illustration, not art. We don't have to all paint the same pictures in a nice "pretty" way. as our art school friends did! We need to curate into shows things we were not focusing on - or eliminate "curators". And, of course we need more exhibition spaces, including many that support this attitude. They need to be nourished, publicized, reviewed, etc. The art critics may be in the same school as the curators, so we may need new art critics too! If Boston wants to truly support art, not just fancy illustrations/clever, neat combines that make for interesting party trivia for a chosen group, then these changes MUST be made.

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  • Kevin Obrien
    …and I don’t mean to say “paint”, as the word might be frowned upon in some circles where paint is used
    in a quaint old-fashioned folk art. I mean “creating art”….
  • Kevin Obrien