Let's Redesign and Repaint the Mural

This past year, I had been in a dialogue with the Mayor's office about redoing a mural. Across from the Berklee building on 7 Haviland Street is a newly renovated playground. There stands an old mural. I proposed that we organize  a community event to redesign and repaint the mural. I imagined that children in the area could contribute the design ideas and that a local artist (s) oversee the actual painting. I hoped that I could have my Berklee students work alongside the children to paint the mural. I could also have others play music to create a festive background. I saw this as a summer event,. I imagined that we could dedicate this as a Peace Day mural. Perhaps on Peace Day we could all come together with music and food to dedicate the mural to peace in our communities and the world. I never heard back form the woman to whom I was speaking after I asked her if there was money left over form the playground renovation that we could use for the mural costs. I understand that this project  involves meeting with community and city representatives, art teachers, and artists. I believe that this event is an important one as it makes an important statement about a community coming together through art for peace. I would love to see a yearly Peace Day Community event with food, a farmers market (bringing good food to the community) and music to help celebrate the community and remind us all of our goals for peace. We all need to have faith that we can create peace. What better way to do this but through art?

I also doing Act of Kindness projects where I send out my students to use their music to support others. They do volunteer concerts and lessons. If you have any ideas of whom could use this support ( or have other  ideas of music-related activities), please let me know.

Thank you for caring about the arts and recognizing their importance in our communities,

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  • Erin Joyce