The Goals of Boston's Cultural Plan

Last night, we held a Boston Creates Town Hall at Bunker Hill Community College. More than 200 people were in attendance as we shared the goals and strategies of Boston's cultural plan.

There are five key goals that represent the core areas of focus for Boston’s cultural plan. In no particular order, the goals are:

  • Integrate arts and culture into all aspects of civic life
  • Create fertile ground for a vibrant and sustainable arts and culture ecosystem
  • Keep artists in Boston, recognizing their essential contribution to a thriving, healthy and innovative city.
  • Mobilize likely and unlikely partners to generate excitement, demand and resources for Boston’s arts and culture sector
  • Cultivate a city where all cultural expressions are respected and equitably resourced, and where arts and culture are accessible to all


These goals are designed to create a framework for the final cultural plan. They will serve as an organizing set of actions the City and partners must undertake to achieve our collective vision. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be working to fill out the strategies, tactics and first steps, creating a detailed roadmap that will ensure Boston has a vibrant and sustainable arts and culture sector. We’ll get there with leadership and participation from a diverse group of institutions, organizations and individuals across the City.

When we began this process, we knew that arts and culture can and should play a role in Boston’s future. You’ve echoed that, sharing with us your thoughts on the needs and opportunities. Later this spring, we will have a draft of the cultural plan and we look forward to sharing that with you. The final plan is scheduled to be released on June 17, 2016.

If you were unable to attend the Town Hall, you can access the presentation here. You can also watch the video of the Town Hall on HowlRound TV.


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  • Theodore Hewlett
    I missed an opportunity to attend the event. I find all of the goals interesting and relevant for the city. I am curious about the goal Integration of arts and culture into all aspects of civic life. What particular arts? have you already made a plan?
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