Revitalize the Garment District

I used to love to go to Winmil Fabrics in Chinatown—was going to go today, but found out they closed! :( Now I have to go further away from the city, to places not as easily accessible by public transportation, (if at all) to buy fabric and notions. I don't usually have access to a car, and I know I'm not the only one. If we can encourage small craft-related businesses to come and stay, through grants, the re-establishment of arts-neighborhoods, etc. I think more creative people will come and stay. What's the point of an artist/craftsperson, or even a person who can make/fix their own clothes, trying to set up shop here if materials are hard to come by? And that goes for folks who want to make theater/dance costumes, too, or costume crews who need things last minute. If NY can keep it up, I think we can also. (And by the way, people come from near and far to NY to buy fabric. That's money that leaves our city and goes elsewhere…)

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  • Avrom and Leah Honig
    Citywide: Revitalize the Garment District
  • Avrom and Leah Honig